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Between booms: Qatar takes a breath between gas and the World Cup

October 16, 2012


Qatar is pausing to take a breath as it steadies its economy between two boom periods. An extraordinary 10-year boom in Qatar’s gas-exporting infrastructure is petering out, according to an investigation by the Financial Times, leaving business confidence at its lowest ebb in years. Growth in gross domestic product in the small, gas-rich Gulf state, […]

Is MENA losing the global energy investment race?

May 1, 2012


Accelerated investment by Gulf oil producers would not hurt. ‘Lies, damned lies, and statistics’, a phrase whose origin is still being debated by researchers, is often used to describe the persuasive power of numbers, particularly the use of statistics to bolster weak arguments. It is also sometimes colloquially used to doubt statistics used to prove […]

Caught in the sinking euro’s vortex

September 13, 2011


A case for battening the hatches while the Greek tragedy plays itself out? Although the European single currency staged a mild recovery on Monday from its Friday fiasco, concerns remain that sentiment-driven trading is pulling other currencies down along with the euro. The Australian and Canadian dollars fell sharply, while emerging-market currencies also tumbled. The […]

Have bullion prices entered bubble territory yet?

September 13, 2011


Analysts seem confident that gold has quite a run ahead. It’s not just the retail seasonal demand that is expected to drive gold prices higher and higher, it’s the economy, stupid. As fears of a double-dip recession gain traction across the world, safe-haven buying of bullion will continue. In fact, retail jewellery demand has been […]

Libya’s liberation: Just an economic blip?

August 23, 2011


Larger global issues will impact asset prices more than the return to the market of 1.4 million barrels per day. All else being equal, news of the fall of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in Libya would have caused a minor downward spike on the oil price chart and a bit of a relief rally on equity […]

It’s the growth story, stupid!

August 16, 2011


A US credit downgrade is only part of the story. Sluggish economic growth remains the real concern. When the long-term creditworthiness of the United States was downgraded from triple-A to double-A-positive by Standard & Poor’s, it highlighted the concern surrounding the world’s largest economy’s ability to service its debt. Indebtedness is, however, only one aspect […]

OPEC stumbles

June 19, 2011


Can the cartel walk the fine line between price and supply? Hydrocarbon heavyweight Saudi Arabia flew in the face of opposition at last week’s meeting of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries when it said it would unilaterally increase production to keep prices under control. Seven of the 12 OPEC members were opposed to any […]